"The art here is absolutely stunning. Burns manages to tread the fine line between the fun side of this book and the darkly horrific elements incredibly well. There's a rich level of texture in his work. His art strikes me as a cross between the styles of John Bolton and Phil Noto. Burns's lettering is strong as well, and I love his use of color to incorporate the lettering into the art even more than he already has."

-Don MacPherson
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"This is… this is… this is crazy! I mean, Aleister Arcane is an insane experience! The story is a fun ride and all that, but Breehn Burns’ art steals the whole damn show! In my review of issue 1, I thought that Breehn did an incredible job. An absolutely incredible job. But issue two has something issue one didn’t – monsters!

"And not just any type. No, these dark creatures are the classics. The monsters of Aleister Arcane’s influences: 1950’s pulp horror movies, pulp horror novels, and imagination! H.P. Lovecraft would piss himself because Burns really manages to breathe life into his dark fiends! Turn the page to see Nosferatu biting Frankenstein! Panels away, bear witness to something unseen since America’s Gold Age, the human yellow jacket (like the human fly, but not copyrighted)! You have to see to believe what Breehn Burns does with pencil, brush, and a computer!

"Burns has a keen grasp of color. Of shadow. Of shape. Of subtle. Of in your face. Of adults. And of children. Burns understands art and story like few other artists! What comes out on the pages of Aleister Arcane is beauty. Beauty like I rarely see in any art."

–Egg Embry on AA #2
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"Highly Recommended (10/10) Best of the Week!

" Making this [the] perfect reading experience is the employment of a new name in comic art (new to me anyway). Breehn Burns brings hazy but rich, moody colors to bear and combines it with some playful pop art... I expect we'll be seeing a lot more from Burns in the not-too distant future. This may just be the best and most original story Steve Niles has written yet... Niles tells the story of how one man's passion for life is torn down by the ignorance of others. It's a touching, grounded tale that celebrates pop culture and our need for people who are a little different. "

–Don MacPherson on AA #1
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"...As for the art, I admit that going into this I was partial to Ben Templesmith penciling Niles’ words, but Breehn Burns has me converted. The art is beautifully rendered with muted tones reminiscent of paintings, where numerous panels look good enough to hang on a wall as individual works of art. The layout flows easily and complements the story as all comic art should. In fact, there were several instances where I found myself just staring at panels in awe.

"Aleister Arcane would be the perfect introduction to readers unfamiliar with Niles’ work. As for those that are already fans of Steve Niles, consider it a must-read."

–Greg Bowers on AA #1
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"Grade: A

"Niles once again demonstrates that he's the modern master of comics horror, but he's done that so frequently that it's almost taken for granted. What people will be talking about, I suspect, is the stunning art by newcomer Breehn Burns, whose distinctive painting style is visually captivating from the first page. First Ben Templesmith, then Breehn Burns - Niles has such an eye for first-class artistry that he could make a pretty good career for himself as an editor if he weren't so good at what he's doing.

"As far as his storytelling is concerned - I'm not sure why Niles isn't making his fortune in films, but comic readers should be glad that he's chosen this medium instead. It's refreshing to find a horror writer who knows the difference between mayhem and mood, and realizes that horror can be much more effective if it relies on the latter."

–Comic Shop News on AA #1

"Quick Rating: Great!

"Niles is an accomplished horror writer with an excellent grasp of the creepy, and a knack for teaming up with artists possessing equally excellent grasps of the macabre... Breehn Burns’ art is positively gorgeous, and perfectly suited to the darkness of the tale. The art in this book possesses a sort of hazy detail, if that makes sense, which really draws you into Aleister’s world and his despair. Some pages are just so wonderful to look at that you get a little lost in them… which always seems to happen at the right point in the story. That’s synergy.

"This is an engaging introduction to what has the potential to be an interesting and original horror tale."

–Joel Phillips on AA #1
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This is the best Steve Niles’ book since his and Ben Templesmith’s 30 Days of Night / Dark Days! In his quest to make something uniquely worth reading, Niles is joined by animation genius, [Breehn Burns]. In my eyes, [Burns] is someone I’ll follow for the length of his career. Aleister Arcane offers the perfect tool for him to work with, color! And not superhero colors, either; no, Burns uses color like Yahweh colors life. It is SIMPLE and INSANE! Burns shows how good comics can be!"

–Egg Embry on AA #1
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#2 in the Week's 10 Best

"Niles’ eerie tale [Aleister Arcane #2] is perfectly complimented by the art of Breehn Burns. I don’t know where Niles found this guy, but he should never lose him! The last time one of Niles’ stories - or really, any story for that matter - has affected me so was the first 30 Days Of Night miniseries with artist Ben Templesmith. In that miniseries, every panel seemed to tell a story, and left me on the edge of my seat. Well, Burns turns the trick in this miniseries!

"Burns illustrates some of the most beautiful, almost painted-like images on one page, followed up by some of the most eerie images to ever grace a comic panel on the next! Most of the monsters in this issue remain in the shadows, and Burns makes those monsters the scariest, most unnerving parts of this issue! There are at least four or five pages in this issue alone that will be stuck in my mind for awhile, haunting my dreams!"

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